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Types of Polaroid films

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I felt an ass grab the other day, it reminded me to write a blog for Bneeth. No going back. The majority of the time we shoot photos with some sort of an idea of what the final image will be, our minds predict the outcome and our eyes see the proof. Job done. Read more

The Big-er picture

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Always searching for something different to broaden my photographic interest, I found myself purchasing a Hasselblad Xpan camera at the beginning of 2012. This body in particular is a true Panoramic camera, meaning it will use the length of almost 2 regular 35mm frames to produce one long analog image. In the past, consumer cameras had a “Panorama” feature, which in short cropped a regular frame from the top and bottom and would give the shooter the appearance of a panoramic image. Read more

IS FILM DEAD? Part 3 – Andre Pinces

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Did you start out shooting film?

Yes, B&W, then colour.

What cameras and film did you first start shooting with?

My first camera was a Canon AE-1, then I got a Nikon F3. Read more

Shot With The Intention…….

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Way back in 2006 when my Mega Pixels were low and my creativity was even lower I broke some rules. For example, this photo of Mark Appleyard running a Kickflip to fakie is from Arizona back in 2006. This photo is actually a crop of the top quarter of a vertical fisheye shot. Now before you get your photo nerd vests in a bunch, I shot it with the intention of cropping it this way. I noticed while looking for the best angle of Mark’s kickflip, that the fisheye really distorts nicely in the upper corners of a vertical shot.

Read more

Doing It Themselves

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Dylan Rieder – Boneless – El Paso, TX.

This past January a bunch of my friends and I embarked on a little journey down to El Paso, TX (and back). It was a skate mission with the intention of filming tricks for Russell Houghten’s part in Transworld’s “The Cinematographer’s Project“.

While we were street skating around El Paso, (which by the way feels like being in another country) we kept hearing about these city workers that were building transitions into new ditches around the city. Pretty epic dudes if you ask me. Ditches are already pretty god damn good for skating, but when you add some really nice transitions to a few objects you really get somewhere.  Read more

Cheap Film, Expensive Camera

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I’ve been on the road since October of 2011, only to come back recently from Barcelona Spain where I spent a month with a group of guys from the DC Canada Skate team shooting an article for SBC Skateboard magazine.

While on this long stint away from home I spent lots of time shooting with 35mm film on a couple different cameras, documenting the people I was with and places I’ve travelled to. Las Vegas, Toronto, Niagara, Canton OH, Los Angeles and Barcelona where some of the places I called home during this long stint. I didn’t always having the luxury of a Pro Camera Shop close-by to buy the type of film that I’m used to shooting. Even though this can really be a drag, I wasn’t going to let it to stop me from shooting film. Instead I started buying “consumer” marketed film at stores like Souvenir shops, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and pretty much anywhere that had 35mm film available.  Read more

Still Motion

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Over the last three or four years I’ve been working on a series of daytime long exposure photographs with the help of using ND filters (Neutral Density) ranging in different strengths. In some cases even stacking multiple ND filter’s together to achieve longer exposure times specifically to use during broad daylight.

These images I shot on the Capilano river in North Vancouver as tests using my Nikon D3 digital slr. I took these in the very beginning of my experimentation using ND filters as I was learning how to slow my exposure times down beyond that of the slowest shutter speed /aperture combinations cameras offer. This was mainly so I could achieve motion blur for moving subject matter over a long period of time during daylight. Read more

The Importance Of “The Hand”

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Looking back on the countless days of filming, crouched over in dirty alleys, ditches, and god knows where else has made me think. I’ve realized how the unwritten law of marking a landing trick by covering your hand over the lens has gone unrecognized for so many years.

If it wasn’t for “the hand”, these days would be nothing but endless takes filled with mental and physical anguish of unsuccessful attempts. Instead, “the hand” represents relief, happiness, and satisfaction of creating something worthy of sharing to the world. Read more

IS FILM REALLY DEAD? Part 2 – Ryan Allan

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Who is Ryan Allan and why should you care? Ryan is one of those photographers that has been there and done that before you even thought of doing it. As a founding editor in Canada’s SBC Skateboard Magazine, I first met Ryan while we were both cutting our teeth inside the magazine publication world. The main difference was that Ryan worked on the skateboard side of things, while I was on snowboard side. Oh ya, and Ryan knew how to use flashes and shoot amazing photos, all while I was just learning the craft. I remember asking him a lot of questions. Looking back, I now know how annoying that must have been. Well, I thought I would take it back to the streets and annoy him with more questions. Read more

Tools Of Progression

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Documenting urban snowboarding has come a long way in the past decade, not only from a riding perspective (progression), but the tools to help get the job done. The early years saw the advent of the ‘drop in ramp,’ a device that provided enough speed for handrail maneuvers (gap-outs excluded), built inexpensively out of wood or metal (if you had a bit more money budgeted). Of course there was always a couple of friends to ‘pull you in,’ but that gets old quickly. If you were really lucky, you’d locate a spot that provided ‘natural speed,’ everybody’s dream scenario, even to this day.

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