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When it comes to skate boarding you cant win them all. Going back for one, two , or more tries to make the trick legitimate isn’t unheard of. The city of Vancouver is ever growing and with that said, spots come and go quite frequently. Some spots stay around for years while others last for just days. You just never know how long they will be around for. Read more

The company you keep.

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This past fall saw the end of Gravis Footwear as I or you know it. I was really bummed. It felt like a break up. I mean Im not going to get to spend time with all my close friends anymore. Yeah it will suck not getting fresh shoes every month and the paychecks were nice as well but the real bummer was not getting to travel and hang with people that had become my second family.

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Captive. A fitting final entry to my bneeth contributions

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Over the course of a little over a year I’ve shared some parts of my creative process in photography. In the end I tried out a bunch of different cameras to solve a creative problem and came up with a pretty good solution. But when that story ends, another begins and the search for a different tool takes over. Read more

Long Days Filming…….

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We’ve had some unseasonably sunny weather so far this early season in whistler.

A decent early snowfall started off the winter with some resets here and there to keep things going but the backcountry has shaped up a bit differently.  there’s a lot more exposed glacial ice, and things are a lot more lumpy and less filled in.  this makes for some of the features we’re used to hitting being unridable but at the same time opened the doors for new terrain, steeper landings and gaps that we haven’t shot before.  Read more

Types of Polaroid films

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I felt an ass grab the other day, it reminded me to write a blog for Bneeth. No going back. The majority of the time we shoot photos with some sort of an idea of what the final image will be, our minds predict the outcome and our eyes see the proof. Job done. Read more

Just one shot.


The thing about creativity is that it’s not a tangible thing. You can’t go to the store and pick up a quart of creativity every time you need it, and because of this cruel reality there are times when the creative well runs dry.  I suppose that it’s all in the eye of the beholder anyway, I mean, it’s likely that very few people pay close attention to the output of any one artist to the degree that they could sense an ebb in output in the span of a few months. Still, when you’re in the desert, it feels like everyone knows you’re blowing it and that can add to a creative slump. Read more

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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Skateboarding is funny. Everything is going good, you are locking into the the crook and grinding all the way down. Just a few more and you’ll have it in the bag. No worries. Read more

The Big-er picture

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Always searching for something different to broaden my photographic interest, I found myself purchasing a Hasselblad Xpan camera at the beginning of 2012. This body in particular is a true Panoramic camera, meaning it will use the length of almost 2 regular 35mm frames to produce one long analog image. In the past, consumer cameras had a “Panorama” feature, which in short cropped a regular frame from the top and bottom and would give the shooter the appearance of a panoramic image. Read more

IS FILM DEAD? Part 3 – Andre Pinces

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Did you start out shooting film?

Yes, B&W, then colour.

What cameras and film did you first start shooting with?

My first camera was a Canon AE-1, then I got a Nikon F3. Read more


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The first trip of the season sets the tone for beginning of every winter.  the last few seasons i’ve always made of point of getting on some sort of road trip with a goal of having a awesome time with the crew and getting some good deep pow shredding and hopefully logging a shot or two.  the last couple years i’ve been doing trips up around the revelstoke area but after checking the weather it seemed the north coast was getting smashed with early season storms and the terrace area already had a healthy base.

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