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The Big-er picture

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Always searching for something different to broaden my photographic interest, I found myself purchasing a Hasselblad Xpan camera at the beginning of 2012. This body in particular is a true Panoramic camera, meaning it will use the length of almost 2 regular 35mm frames to produce one long analog image. In the past, consumer cameras had a “Panorama” feature, which in short cropped a regular frame from the top and bottom and would give the shooter the appearance of a panoramic image. Read more

Transition. Part Four: Finally found what I’m looking for.


Last time I took you diving, but I still hadn’t found the camera I was looking for. I’d reached the end of the road with what I could accomplish with the Canon G9 and its successors weren’t moving in a direction that I liked. I needed more resolution and flexibility in a small package. Fortunately in the summer of 2009 Panasonic announced the GF1 micro four thirds camera and many of my questions were answered. The GF1 is a mirrorless system, so it’s small, but it has a large sensor so it makes good images. It was bigger than the point and shoot, but the size was worth it. Read more

Cheap Film, Expensive Camera

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I’ve been on the road since October of 2011, only to come back recently from Barcelona Spain where I spent a month with a group of guys from the DC Canada Skate team shooting an article for SBC Skateboard magazine.

While on this long stint away from home I spent lots of time shooting with 35mm film on a couple different cameras, documenting the people I was with and places I’ve travelled to. Las Vegas, Toronto, Niagara, Canton OH, Los Angeles and Barcelona where some of the places I called home during this long stint. I didn’t always having the luxury of a Pro Camera Shop close-by to buy the type of film that I’m used to shooting. Even though this can really be a drag, I wasn’t going to let it to stop me from shooting film. Instead I started buying “consumer” marketed film at stores like Souvenir shops, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and pretty much anywhere that had 35mm film available.  Read more

Transition. Part Three: Fuck it, I’m going swimming.


Around the time I became a convert to small cameras, I started scuba diving a lot. Obviously the two things would eventually meet and I’d get hooked on shooting underwater photos. I was torn because underwater photography is probably the most expensive form of photography I can think of, and it’s also incredibly difficult and prone to disaster. The thing about taking electronics a hundred feet underwater is that, well, they get flooded and ruined. A lot.

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Behind The Scenes With Ryan and Rowley


Just after Christmas I had a chance to visit photographer (and fellow Bneeth blogger) Ryan Allan at his place in Oceanside California—just outside of San Deigo. I got to skate around his local park a bit and he let me sit down and chat in front of my camera about some of his favourite photos, his influences, his approach to shooting and more.

It was a good excuse to pick the brain of someone much more talented than myself. And Ryan, thanks for letting some tall Canadian poke through your stuff. Read more

Still Motion

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Over the last three or four years I’ve been working on a series of daytime long exposure photographs with the help of using ND filters (Neutral Density) ranging in different strengths. In some cases even stacking multiple ND filter’s together to achieve longer exposure times specifically to use during broad daylight.

These images I shot on the Capilano river in North Vancouver as tests using my Nikon D3 digital slr. I took these in the very beginning of my experimentation using ND filters as I was learning how to slow my exposure times down beyond that of the slowest shutter speed /aperture combinations cameras offer. This was mainly so I could achieve motion blur for moving subject matter over a long period of time during daylight. Read more

Radical Sabbatical

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A few months ago I hit the road. To borrow a phrase from someone who I forget right now, a radical sabbatical.

My wife and I loaded up our Hybrid Civic and headed west, south and everywhere in between. Visiting family, friends, making videos, getting lost, finding Trader Joes on Yelp—you know, taking it all in. And to stay true to my Clark Griswold-esque vacation style, between worrying about getting to the next continental breakfast on time I managed to take a few photos. Here are some dispatches from the road. Read more

The Daily Grind

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Shooting snowboarding for a living is an exciting job. People always think that it’s the “coolest Job” and yes, it’s pretty cool at times, but it is a major pain in the ass other times and feels like hard work just like any other job out there.  There’s a lot of driving to locations, unloading snowmobiles, and taking trails to the promised land of the wide open backcountry where you and the riders look at the features trying to collectively create a mix of action and art.  Read more



Tabletops are a dime a dozen, Halfpipes make their appearance on a regular basis, while the Hip Jump has always been a rarity. It’s not without good reason, they’re difficult to build, require tedious daily maintenance and are notorious for the low margin of error when snowboarding on these beasts. Read more

Transition. Part Two: Shoot Something!

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After some deliberation, I found myself a convert to using smaller cameras.  As a result of switching to smaller cameras, I had my trusted Canon g9 with me at all times. What I still hadn’t figured out though, was what I wanted to take pictures of.  This is still part of a long process that continues to this day. The first step in figuring out what to shoot was to document my steps…….. Read more