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Scott Birke is writer, editor, music lover and all-around good guy. He's currently the editor of Snowboard Canada and

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Like many of us older shreds, I come from an era in skateboarding when it wasn’t “cool” to skate. It was before the mainstream stuck its clutches in— dollar signs etched on its nails—“legitimizing” it in the eyes of overzealous parents as a means to live out their un-achieved dreams and secure their retirements. Before it was on TV and in commercials selling everything from pop to gum to energy drinks. Before “action sports” as a term even existed. Read more


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I started wearing a helmet again last year after a few years of making excuses for myself to not wear one. Excuses like “it’s too cold at the top”, or “I’m only riding pow today”…whatever. After a couple of close calls, I now wear a helmet every time I’m riding.  A few years ago, I went way over the bars on my mountain bike and broke my helmet in five places, but it was the way the helmet collapsed that saved my life. It also made me reconsider what I was doing on the mountain.

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I love that the East Coast decided to dress up like winter for Halloween this year. The first major snowstorm of the season hit the Eastern Seaboard (and the media) last weekend, pummeling some of the oldest cities in the States and leaving millions without power for days. Dubbed, the ridiculously nonsensical “Snowtober” by the talking heads on TV, it’s the Orange Alert to last year’s Red “Snowmageddon.”

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