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Matt Houghton’s 20+ years deep as a skater and snowboarder. He was the editor of Snowboard Canada Magazine and the editorial director at SBC Media for a decade before founding Canada’s leading skate/snow digital property,, just over three years ago at Bell Media.

Five Months of Memories


In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to relive the past. A simple swipe through your iPhone’s photo album will replace whatever dusty memory may (or may not) exist in your mind, providing mega pixels to reinforce the fact that, Yes, that did actually happen. With winter meeting a lackluster conclusion in Eastern Canada this past week (as anyone working in “the industry” will attest, this was one of our worst seasons in recent history), my pocket-sized memory reinforcer provided evidence that my 2011/12 snowboard experience wasn’t entirely bad. Honest. And here are a few of the photos to prove it.

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Weekend At Jimmer’s (And The Krebs Poster)

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Most winter weekends, when not traveling elsewhere to ride, I can be found at Blue Mountain. As far as I’m concerned, Blue offers the best all-around shred experience by Southern Ontario standards. As much as I like riding the parks (and riding with the friends who ride said parks) at Horseshoe Valley and Mount St. Louis — or indulging in the occasional mid-week night session at Lakeridge or Dagmar — the longer vertical and varied terrain at Blue offers the closest comparison to “freeriding” in the area. And yes, the quotes around “freeriding” indicate my healthy awareness of the irony and absurdity of the usage of this word in a paragraph about Ontario snowboarding. Read more


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With a dire early season forecast back east, booking a flight to ride Whistler the first weekend of December made perfect sense; especially factoring in the free accommodation thanks to my wife’s work trip to the Whistler Film Festival. And with social media practically vomiting the powder onto my Toronto desk, I felt no reluctance clicking the “purchase” button.  I might’ve missed the 60 cm days and accompanying face shots everyone was bragging about on Facebook, but my mantra was simple: Who cares? I sure as shit wouldn’t be snowboarding had I stayed at home, and groomers and park laps on Whistler and Blackcomb under sunny skies never disappoints.

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Just over four years ago, when I made the decision to resign from my position at SBC Media after working there for a decade, my first thought was, Shit… there goes my mini-ramp access…………….

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