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My Name is Geoff Andruik. I live In West Vancouver BC. I spend the winter months in knee deep & sometimes chest deep snow photographing snowboarders flying through the air.

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Shooting snowboarding for a living is an exciting job. People always think that it’s the “coolest Job” and yes, it’s pretty cool at times, but it is a major pain in the ass other times and feels like hard work just like any other job out there.  There’s a lot of driving to locations, unloading snowmobiles, and taking trails to the promised land of the wide open backcountry where you and the riders look at the features trying to collectively create a mix of action and art.  Read more


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This is an example of the “tilt shift” feature. I’m sure you have heard by now about the iPhone app called Instagram it has caught on like wildfire over the last few months, it is currently the fastest growing online photo sharing community.  Some may say it is addictive, and it is.

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