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Gabe otherwise known as E-bag (Gabe in reverse), bagger, or bagtown is a true born and bread proud British Columbian. Oddly growing up in Canada’s only dessert he made his way to the Coast Mountains holding rain forests and the deepest snowpacks on the continent in the winter months. Lucking into a position behind a camera eight years ago he managed to bullshit his way up the ladder allowing him to work for such snowboard film company’s such as Treetop Films, Absinthe Films, Transworld Films, 1242 Productions, RedBull Media House and Brainfarm Digital Cinema.



Since you don’t really know much about me, let me do my best to give you a little info.  First off, I’m a proud British Columbian. Second, I’m a lover of the mountains and the ocean. Third, I’m a camera enthusiast that has had the honour of working with Brainfarm Cinema and Travis Rice for the past five years on “That’s It, That’s All” and most recently “The Art Of Flight”.

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I’ll be right back, I’m just on an airplane at the moment.  Here’s a few shots to tide you over.  Don’t worry, Once I get back, I’ll write out a few interesting stories about spending the last two years filming for a little movie called “The Art Of Flight”. Ever heard of it?

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