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Colin Adair spends a large part of his life 6000 + feet above sea level trying to stay warm. As staff photographer for DC Snowboards, he is lucky enough to travel the world in search of the best snow, new images and a good time or twelve.

IS FILM DEAD? Part 3 – Andre Pinces

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Did you start out shooting film?

Yes, B&W, then colour.

What cameras and film did you first start shooting with?

My first camera was a Canon AE-1, then I got a Nikon F3. Read more

IS FILM REALLY DEAD? Part 2 – Ryan Allan

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Who is Ryan Allan and why should you care? Ryan is one of those photographers that has been there and done that before you even thought of doing it. As a founding editor in Canada’s SBC Skateboard Magazine, I first met Ryan while we were both cutting our teeth inside the magazine publication world. The main difference was that Ryan worked on the skateboard side of things, while I was on snowboard side. Oh ya, and Ryan knew how to use flashes and shoot amazing photos, all while I was just learning the craft. I remember asking him a lot of questions. Looking back, I now know how annoying that must have been. Well, I thought I would take it back to the streets and annoy him with more questions. Read more

IS FILM REALLY DEAD? Part 1 – Cole Barash


It’s no secret. I love film. I shoot film all the time. For me it’s a style choice for a lot of my personal work but I still push for it with clients when the time is right. But more and more, when push comes to shove, film gets sand thrown in it’s face in favour of digital. However, I know many other photographers that feel the same way I do and want to use film whenever possible. For some time now, I have wanted to put together a series of interviews about the use of film in our digital world. Bneeth has presented me with the opportunity to get down to the heart of this pressing matter.

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“Dude! Where’s your camera??………’re BLOWING IT!  I hear this all the time. Fortunately its mostly good natured “let’s annoy the photographer” stuff. Many times though, I find myself out and about with no camera in hand and get the feeling like I’m missing the shot. I guess you could call it Photographers remorse.  During my daily internet trolling, I been coming across a selection of interviews with photographers who seem to suffer from the exact same ailment. The only difference is that they’ve seen the light and are now ready to begin spreading the gospel.

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I shoot with my Hasselblad a lot. I talk about it a lot too. Probably ad naseum. But I get asked the same question all the time so what can I say?: “what’s your favourite camera to shoot with??”. I’m not gonna lie and change my answer just because I always say the same thing. They should ask more original questions right??

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