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Possibly the world's tallest skateboard photographer—Andrew's overseen, assigned, shot, written (and stressed over) dozens of interviews, photos, features and covers during his five year tenure at SBC Skateboard. He is currently on the quest for the world's best burrito.

How Do You Make A Radio Documentary? Like this…..

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For the past two months I’ve been in Cape Cod learning how to make radio documentaries. I was one of nine aspiring radio producers picked to be part of the Transom Story Workshop.

It’s kind of like radio boot camp. You learn how to use the gear and software, how to sit uncomfortably close to strangers and how not to blow it. Then at the end of it all you come out with two legit radio stories (plus you get to hang out and talk to all sorts of fancy NPR-types) And a serious sense of how to tell a story—radio or otherwise. Read more

Behind The Scenes With Ryan and Rowley


Just after Christmas I had a chance to visit photographer (and fellow Bneeth blogger) Ryan Allan at his place in Oceanside California—just outside of San Deigo. I got to skate around his local park a bit and he let me sit down and chat in front of my camera about some of his favourite photos, his influences, his approach to shooting and more.

It was a good excuse to pick the brain of someone much more talented than myself. And Ryan, thanks for letting some tall Canadian poke through your stuff. Read more

Radical Sabbatical

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A few months ago I hit the road. To borrow a phrase from someone who I forget right now, a radical sabbatical.

My wife and I loaded up our Hybrid Civic and headed west, south and everywhere in between. Visiting family, friends, making videos, getting lost, finding Trader Joes on Yelp—you know, taking it all in. And to stay true to my Clark Griswold-esque vacation style, between worrying about getting to the next continental breakfast on time I managed to take a few photos. Here are some dispatches from the road. Read more


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Last summer I got to show around the RDS dudes on their World’s Deadliest Tour (for the record, no lives were lost during the tour) when they came through Toronto. While they were here I pulled Courtenay, B.C.’s Sascha Daley aside to film another installment of SBC’s “3 Minutes With…” series.

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I was one of the first to scoff at the new generation of new SLRs that featured a “video” mode—c’mon, only  soccer mom would use one of those! Next thing you know everyone had dollies and was doing that out of focus running with your board thing.

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