You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Skateboarding is funny. Everything is going good, you are locking into the the crook and grinding all the way down. Just a few more and you’ll have it in the bag. No worries.

Then something happens. Maybe it’s the crack right where you pop. Maybe it’s something from earlier in the day that sneaks into your head. Whatever it is you are now distracted, thrown off. The rhythm is broken.

Now every try seems to slip backwards rather than move you closer to your goal. Do you quit now? Do you work through it? It’s different for every person and I (the photographer) have no business telling you either way.

Sure, I know you can do it, but how do I know whats going on in that head of yours? The choice is yours to make but be prepared for the less than ideal consequence, at least once and awhile.

Ryan Allan

About Ryan Allan

Ryan Allan grew up skateboarding, playing punk rock and shooting photos outside Toronto, Canada. Don't hold that against him though. He figured it all out and moved to Southern California where he now enjoys endless summers and ridiculous travel schedules.