The Big-er picture

Always searching for something different to broaden my photographic interest, I found myself purchasing a Hasselblad Xpan camera at the beginning of 2012. This body in particular is a true Panoramic camera, meaning it will use the length of almost 2 regular 35mm frames to produce one long analog image. In the past, consumer cameras had a “Panorama” feature, which in short cropped a regular frame from the top and bottom and would give the shooter the appearance of a panoramic image.

The Panoramic image gives you much more information of the scene you’re shooting, it allows the viewer to explore the “behind the scenes” of some images where by using the regular framing would get cropped out of the picture and this is one of the things that draws me into this format, I can compose an image to capture the main focus of my subject but without using an ultra wide angle lens which would cause distortion and I can also tell a bit more about the frozen moment in time by just having the elongated framing.

This are a few examples I have where the main focus of the subject could’ve easily been isolated with the normal frame of a 35mm camera, but with the Panoramic mode, there’s a bit more to the story, whether it be the kids attached to the fence watching Matt Berger skate a rail, the care free reaction of Derek Swaim to what clearly seems to be a down day for Matt, the location where this creepy looking tree sits or the extra paramedics and curious passer by on the last image, these are all examples of “what else” was going on at this location at that exact time.

The Bigger picture.

Rich Odam

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Born in Peru, I lived in Toronto before moving to Vancouver. I enjoy the diversity of different photographic mediums. Film rules!