I don’t know about you but skateboarding alone isn’t nearly as much fun then when you’re with a crew. Having the gang or friends at the spot can really change the level of skating, and in some cases, life in general. As we get older and responsibilities come into our lives we begin to miss our youth. The days of living in a household with your homies and skating everyday can be golden memories. I’ve lived in many skate houses over the years, some with 13-15 people at a time. It’s loud, parties in abundance, and all day talks about skateboarding, what could be better when your young and looking to be a skate rat? The importance of friends and a skate crew can make you improve your skating in double time.

This is a collection of photos from the years of being around skate houses and the community. Live, breath, eat, sleep, skating!

Brian Caissie

About Brian Caissie

Do what you love to do" is a common phrase that's rarely accomplished. It takes a lot of hard work, but for Brian Caissie's skateboarding and snowboarding lifestyle, capturing both through photography became a natural pursuit. Born in Nova Scotia, at 18 he headed to the west coast of British Columbia in order to enjoy the mountains and the epic skate mecca of Vancouver. Working as Concrete Skateboarding magazine’s photo editor for 11 years and counting, Brian's 20 years of photography experience has also led images appearing in SBC Skateboard, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder, Color, Transworld and more, with ample catalogue and advertisement work for numerous companies in the industry.