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Transition. Part Four: Finally found what I’m looking for.


Last time I took you diving, but I still hadn’t found the camera I was looking for. I’d reached the end of the road with what I could accomplish with the Canon G9 and its successors weren’t moving in a direction that I liked. I needed more resolution and flexibility in a small package. Fortunately in the summer of 2009 Panasonic announced the GF1 micro four thirds camera and many of my questions were answered. The GF1 is a mirrorless system, so it’s small, but it has a large sensor so it makes good images. It was bigger than the point and shoot, but the size was worth it. Read more

How Do You Make A Radio Documentary? Like this…..

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For the past two months I’ve been in Cape Cod learning how to make radio documentaries. I was one of nine aspiring radio producers picked to be part of the Transom Story Workshop.

It’s kind of like radio boot camp. You learn how to use the gear and software, how to sit uncomfortably close to strangers and how not to blow it. Then at the end of it all you come out with two legit radio stories (plus you get to hang out and talk to all sorts of fancy NPR-types) And a serious sense of how to tell a story—radio or otherwise. Read more

Shot With The Intention…….

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Way back in 2006 when my Mega Pixels were low and my creativity was even lower I broke some rules. For example, this photo of Mark Appleyard running a Kickflip to fakie is from Arizona back in 2006. This photo is actually a crop of the top quarter of a vertical fisheye shot. Now before you get your photo nerd vests in a bunch, I shot it with the intention of cropping it this way. I noticed while looking for the best angle of Mark’s kickflip, that the fisheye really distorts nicely in the upper corners of a vertical shot.

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A couple of summers ago, I accompanied Hans Rey and Dave Watson to the Middle East in search of mountain bike terrain and trails in the country of Jordan. Seeing how there was very little intel to base our journey on, we simply found a good guide that knew the country inside and out, and hopefully point us in the right direction for a journey on two wheels.

Landing in the capital city of Amman, it was quickly apparent that bicycles were not an everyday form of transportation…it was a plethora of buses, taxis, personal vehicles and humans on foot. Our guide, Yamaan Safady, promised we’d find plenty of suitable terrain even with the lack of bicycles rolling through the big city.

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