Doing It Themselves

Dylan Rieder – Boneless – El Paso, TX.

This past January a bunch of my friends and I embarked on a little journey down to El Paso, TX (and back). It was a skate mission with the intention of filming tricks for Russell Houghten’s part in Transworld’s “The Cinematographer’s Project“.

While we were street skating around El Paso, (which by the way feels like being in another country) we kept hearing about these city workers that were building transitions into new ditches around the city. Pretty epic dudes if you ask me. Ditches are already pretty god damn good for skating, but when you add some really nice transitions to a few objects you really get somewhere. 

Late one night our guide took us to a reservoir ditch spot that looked much like a Roman gladiator’s arena with epic transitions everywhere. We were lucky enough to have a generator and lights and of course, the session quickly took off. The world needs more pinnacle people like the guys in El Paso building fun into an otherwise utilitarian location. Thanks guys. Who ever you are.

Ryan Allan

About Ryan Allan

Ryan Allan grew up skateboarding, playing punk rock and shooting photos outside Toronto, Canada. Don't hold that against him though. He figured it all out and moved to Southern California where he now enjoys endless summers and ridiculous travel schedules.