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Mikey Scott has been harassing me for a column like a loan shark who’s owed money. Which is funny, cause normally that’s my job—harassing assholes who owe me words. To be honest, I’ve been struggling with this whole blog business. I have a problem saying “no” to new projects I think are worthwhile and interesting, even though I absolutely know that I don’t have the time and/or brainpower to fully commit to them. I’ve got five skate mags, four snow mags, two fashion mags and now a new travel/surf mag to get off the ground, plus two huge skate events, so I really shouldn’t be telling Mike that “the column’s in the mail” so to speak. Cause it’s not. It’s sitting in a “to do” pile that’s 10 feet high that has become self-aware. I also suspect it’s plotting to kill me. Read more

Bring On The Gay


Last year I wrote a similar rant on, but there are a few additional points to bring up, so let’s get into this:

Scott E. Wittlake is my favorite snowboarder. In a strange way, yes, I love him. Dylan Rieder is a handsome man. In a strange way, yes, I think he is a handsome man.

Too many jocks in this macho sport of snowboarding/skateboarding would follow up such an outpouring of man love with the expression “NO HOMO.” I do not. Read more

Still Motion

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Over the last three or four years I’ve been working on a series of daytime long exposure photographs with the help of using ND filters (Neutral Density) ranging in different strengths. In some cases even stacking multiple ND filter’s together to achieve longer exposure times specifically to use during broad daylight.

These images I shot on the Capilano river in North Vancouver as tests using my Nikon D3 digital slr. I took these in the very beginning of my experimentation using ND filters as I was learning how to slow my exposure times down beyond that of the slowest shutter speed /aperture combinations cameras offer. This was mainly so I could achieve motion blur for moving subject matter over a long period of time during daylight. Read more

Thank You Lance Mountain

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Can you believe Lance Mountain is forty-seven? He’s still out there shredding and spreading the epic vibes of real skateboarding. Lance has always been someone that represented skateboarding to me. Never seeming to take it, or himself very serious but at the same time always putting out quality and fun skateboarding. He brought us so many hilarious moments and quotes throughout the years with all the Powell Peralta videos as well as The Firm projects. A tip of my hat to you sir. Thank you for keeping it fun and keeping it real.

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The Importance Of “The Hand”

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Looking back on the countless days of filming, crouched over in dirty alleys, ditches, and god knows where else has made me think. I’ve realized how the unwritten law of marking a landing trick by covering your hand over the lens has gone unrecognized for so many years.

If it wasn’t for “the hand”, these days would be nothing but endless takes filled with mental and physical anguish of unsuccessful attempts. Instead, “the hand” represents relief, happiness, and satisfaction of creating something worthy of sharing to the world. Read more

IS FILM REALLY DEAD? Part 2 – Ryan Allan

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Who is Ryan Allan and why should you care? Ryan is one of those photographers that has been there and done that before you even thought of doing it. As a founding editor in Canada’s SBC Skateboard Magazine, I first met Ryan while we were both cutting our teeth inside the magazine publication world. The main difference was that Ryan worked on the skateboard side of things, while I was on snowboard side. Oh ya, and Ryan knew how to use flashes and shoot amazing photos, all while I was just learning the craft. I remember asking him a lot of questions. Looking back, I now know how annoying that must have been. Well, I thought I would take it back to the streets and annoy him with more questions. Read more

Resolutions Met

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There are many aspects to being a photographer that the viewer will be unable to see. For example, when taking photos for years on end, it’s difficult to makensure you’re staying organized. In short, this post is going to introduce everyone  to the general idea surrounding a new disorder that I recently discovered.

If your like me, staying true to your newyears resolutions and/or your desired level of productivity in work is pretty hard.  What I’ve come up with is a disorder called L.M.D (List Making Disorder). L.M.D. is defined as the ongoing obsession of making lists for everything, and keeping those said lists for ever. Think about it? Do you have L.M.D? Read more

New Zealand

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For a few weeks every August (since I was 19) I’ve been making a trip down to the Southern Hemisphere. After finishing up filming in May/June and spending two months in the office on the computer editing, I’m always super excited to get back on the snow, ride powder for a few weeks, and get a head start on filming for the coming Winter. Read more

OG Awareness Week At Supernatural


“Just a bunch of old guys about to do some ugly freestyle,” says Andy Hetzel as we strap in for a run post-Supernatural at Baldface Lodge. Along with Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Temple Cummins, Shin Campos, Tom Burt, J.P. Martin and marketing men Nate Nash and Frankie from Contour, we roll off the edge of the cat track, traverse hard right 200 metres, and drop fall line. The run is full of little poppers, and if you line it up right, you can bounce from one air to the other next. A pow field full of airtime assholes indeed. Hetzel and Guch charge, blasting off everything. I follow. It’s hard to choose between watching them ride and getting mine. We stop when a creek bed comes up fast and the three of us realize we missed the traverse back to the pickup for the cat. Panting, grinning, we hike up and cut over to the rest of the group. From the looks on everyone’s face, each of us could have just won the contest the day before.

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