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Radical Sabbatical

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A few months ago I hit the road. To borrow a phrase from someone who I forget right now, a radical sabbatical.

My wife and I loaded up our Hybrid Civic and headed west, south and everywhere in between. Visiting family, friends, making videos, getting lost, finding Trader Joes on Yelp—you know, taking it all in. And to stay true to my Clark Griswold-esque vacation style, between worrying about getting to the next continental breakfast on time I managed to take a few photos. Here are some dispatches from the road. Read more

The Daily Grind

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Shooting snowboarding for a living is an exciting job. People always think that it’s the “coolest Job” and yes, it’s pretty cool at times, but it is a major pain in the ass other times and feels like hard work just like any other job out there.  There’s a lot of driving to locations, unloading snowmobiles, and taking trails to the promised land of the wide open backcountry where you and the riders look at the features trying to collectively create a mix of action and art.  Read more



Tabletops are a dime a dozen, Halfpipes make their appearance on a regular basis, while the Hip Jump has always been a rarity. It’s not without good reason, they’re difficult to build, require tedious daily maintenance and are notorious for the low margin of error when snowboarding on these beasts. Read more

Transition. Part Two: Shoot Something!

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After some deliberation, I found myself a convert to using smaller cameras.  As a result of switching to smaller cameras, I had my trusted Canon g9 with me at all times. What I still hadn’t figured out though, was what I wanted to take pictures of.  This is still part of a long process that continues to this day. The first step in figuring out what to shoot was to document my steps…….. Read more



Facebook…blah, Twitter…#whocares, Instagram…LIKE. There’s never a certainty as to which social platform will outwit, outsmart, outplay the others – but, I would like to think Instagram has a solid chance.  I suppose what intrigues me most, is the fact that we are no longer required to write or speak to communicate effectively. Instagram is also currently free from the spam that fills many of the other platforms. Despite this, there’re a few instances where Instagram is being internally abused.

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Embrace The Characters

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It’s Not All About Rails And Stairs. Skateboarding has become so insane these days. Nyjah’s part? I mean people are just going crazy to kill themselves. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing. I would never have imagined it would get this heavy. Hollywood 16 is pretty much a skatepark rail to these kids now! It’s amazing but it’s just not my thing.

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IS FILM REALLY DEAD? Part 1 – Cole Barash


It’s no secret. I love film. I shoot film all the time. For me it’s a style choice for a lot of my personal work but I still push for it with clients when the time is right. But more and more, when push comes to shove, film gets sand thrown in it’s face in favour of digital. However, I know many other photographers that feel the same way I do and want to use film whenever possible. For some time now, I have wanted to put together a series of interviews about the use of film in our digital world. Bneeth has presented me with the opportunity to get down to the heart of this pressing matter.

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Doing What I Do

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Doing what I do, regretfully I need to be careful about the things I say because, well… publishing ain’t what it used to be and unfortunately magazines aren’t the invincible, insuperable powers theyonce were. So in the spirit of ‘treading lightly’, let me distinguish for the readers of this Time Capsule, that Shake Junt is (was) a phenomenon that is (was) happening (in the early 10s) sweeping a generation of skateboarders with fun antics and positive messages of drinking 40s, smoking weed, eating fried chicken—and celebrating it with a good ol’ fashioned booty shaking contest. It’s the type of brand any fourteen year-old would make if given the opportunity; Tacky, over the top, rude, and totally awesome.

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Africa – A Conversation

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“Shot, bru. Thanks for picking me up. Ughh… I’m so tired. I can’t even remember you dropping me off at work this morning.”

“Yeah, man. I barely remember driving you to the hospital. I went and surfed after and was a complete wreck. I don’t want to go out at night with you anymore [laughs].”

“Well, I had to go work in the O.R. as soon as I arrived at the hospital. I had my friend inject me with a shot of adrenalin first for a wake up call [laughs].”

“What! You guys do that to each other?”

“[Laughs] We have access to all the drugs. And this is Africa, man. There are no rules here.” Read more