I’ve been shooting Polaroid film and experimenting with different types of film/cameras for a minute now; really sucks that Polaroid film had been around for so long and now that it’s nearly impossible to find, it is when I really get into it.

I strictly used Polaroid film in the past as a tool to check my exposure settings instead of exploring the artistic side of it. Before you could even get Polaroid film at the drugstore, but nowadays you can find expired Polaroid film on Ebay or you can try the experimental film from the Impossible Project. Polaroid film has somewhat the instant gratification of shooting digital but instead of looking at your image on a screen you actually get to touch it and share it in real life.

Rich Odam

About Rich Odam

Born in Peru, I lived in Toronto before moving to Vancouver. I enjoy the diversity of different photographic mediums. Film rules!