The choice to follow your passion in life is yours to make. For the twenty-seven contributors in Bneeth’s Time Capsule Project, following their passion has led them into a career where they live what they do. Time Capsule is a one-year blogging project that will showcase the life and times of professional photographers, videographers, and writers from across North America.

  • by Brian Caissie

    When it comes to skate boarding you cant win them all. Going back for one, two , or more tries to make the trick legitimate isn't unheard of. The city of Vancouver is ever growing and with that said, spots come and go quite frequently. Some spots stay around for years while others ... Read more

  • by Mark Gribbon

    Over the years I have taken part in a few midnight missions, they are not always of the legal nature, but the stoke and memories of pulling something off under the veil of darkness is never easily forgotten. The earliest mission I can remember is liberating some plywood for a jump ramp that ... Read more

  • by Jeff Patterson

    When I was asked to be part of this project, I had absolutely no idea what I could write about, let alone that anyone would want to read.  “NOW” is the most familiar, and so that is where it starts.  I’ll probably swing from the past back to now and everywhere in between, ... Read more

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